10 Best Games For Android 2022 [UPDATED List]

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10 Best Games For Android 2022 [UPDATED List]

Best Games For Android: Do you ever attach to any of your favorite Android games? I surely can Answer that you are gloriously fascinated. The gaming industry is improving its quality of deliverance and animation with realistic or supreme concepts. Today we will roll on the Top 10 Best Games of 2022 for Android.

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Best Games For Android

However, the data measured in the current scenario can be changed in the future. There are lots of fantastic android games available, which are not on the below list. Moreover, the graphics and playing experience of premium games are improved a lot.

Even the free games are also not away from the new technologies. The exemplary character and addictive concepts are drastically improved on the free Android or iOS games. Let’s know the Top 10 List of Best Games For Android:

  1. Call of Duty: Mobile
  2. Pokemon Go
  3. PUBG Mobile
  4. Fortnite
  5. Minecraft
  6. Genshin Impact
  7. AnimA
  8. Riptide GP: Renegade
  9. GRID Autosport
  10. Among Us

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The Fascinating List of Best Games For Android 2022

#1 Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile


  • Developer: Tim Studios, PROXIMA BETA
  • Android | iOS

The game is an all-time favorite since Activision publishes it with other subsidiary developers. Originally, The Call of Duty was released in October 2019. The game become one of the craziest downloading of 270 million within a year. The COD has a genuinely wonderful shooting experience.

In addition, because of the craze and popularity of Call of Duty, we listed it in the first position of Best Games of 2022 for Android. It’s a hundred-player royal battle match with unique costumes or skins available for in-game purchases. The COD parallelly has FPS and PvP mode with the latest add-ons in every new event.

The Main Features

  • Customize Your Unique Loadout
  • Beloved Game Modes and Maps
  • Competitive and Social Play

#2 Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go


  • Developer: Niantic: The Pokémon Company
  • Android | iOS

Pokemon Go is one of the initial augmented reality games. That was launched in mid-2016 and got massive hot attention throughout the world. Even The game impressively improved its characters and technology to fascinate while playing.

Pokemon Go uses google maps and the internet connection, where your task is to find Pokemon or different kinds of characters. New events and tasks are often introduced to keep the game more playable.

The Main Features

  • 1. Character Customization
  • 2. Evolution Stones
  • 3. Pokémon Costumes

#3 PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile


  • Developer: PUBG Corporation, KRAFTON
  • Android | iOS

PUBG is popular insanely by word of mouth and auto promotions by others. After the success of the PC version, the developer teams also launched the PUBG Mobile and Lite versions within a year. It’s no surprise to have this excellent royal battle game in our Top 10 Best Games For Android.

The FPS and graphic correction are pretty simple and admiring while playing. The PUBG Mobile holds too many activities in the game, which is quite enjoyable with friends. The tagline “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” of the game becomes the Ultimate popularity.

The Main Features

  • New Aim Mode
  • M249 Optimization
  • New Achievements Settings

#4 Fortnite



  • Developer: Epic Games, People Can Fly
  • Android | iOS

Fortnite is another mind blasting battle royale game, where you can see a similar concept to PUBG Mobile. But believe me, the experience and events are different, which adore you to play more. If you still haven’t played, then you are missing the iconic game.

You will get lots of options to re-skin the character along with amazing tools and weapons, which contain superior shooting power and warrior experience. Enjoy the gameplay with its regular new season and even passes are available for premium and free members.

The Main Features

  • 1. The High-Octane Action of Fierce and Strategy
  • 2. Illustrated with Dozens of Full-Color Screenshots
  • 3. Indispensable Combat Techniques in Solo, Duo, or Squad Mode

#5 Minecraft



  • Developer: Mojang Studios
  • Android | iOS

One of the evergreen and most lovable survival games. It has a vast community or audience who enjoys the gameplay. It is a pixelated technology that admires the players by the mission concept used to collect the resource to survive in the game.

However, while playing the blissful game, you may face bad guys but beating them, is also your task along with mining resources, building the crafts, and many more. Hence Minecraft considers in our Top 10 list of Best Games For Android.

The Main Features

  • 1. Collection of Caves & Cliffs
  • 2. Strategy Survival Mode 
  • 3. Marvelous Craft Equipment

#6 Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact


  • Developer: miHoYo, Shanghai Miha Touring Film Technology Co. Ltd
  • Android | iOS

Genshin Impact is an animation-based action RPG game. It evolves the Gacha mechanics technology & special effects with extensive graphics. The Gunshine Impact got immense popularity from the users before its release. It truly enjoys you with the favourable world of Gacha characters.

The Main Features

  • 1. Your World to Discover
  • 2. An Epic Fantasy Adventure
  • 3. Travel Alone or Battle Together

#7 AnimA



  • Developer: Anima Game Studio
  • Android | iOS

The AnimA is a sequel of the Diablo games but with advanced graphics and creativity. If you love to play ARPG dark fantasy level games, then why are you waiting? It’s free to play a game which puts it, in our list of Top 10 Best Games of 2022 for Android.

The Main Features

  • The Ultimate Story Mode
  • Excellent Graphics Enhancement
  • Vast Collections of Treasure

#8 Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP: Renegade


  • Developer: Vector Unit
  • Android | iOS

Riptide GP is a collectively advanced and forward-think-built game that is based on futuristic esports racing in various ways. If you are a techy geek or enthusiast, then experiencing the thrill of Renegade will admire you.

The Main Features

  • 1. Single-Player Modes, Ghost Racing, Online Multiplayer with up to 8 Players
  • 2. Most Popular Features from The Hydro Thunder Series — Local Split-Screen Multiplayer
  • 3. Supersonic Speed and Ultimate Character Customization with Quality Equipment

#9 GRID Autosport

Best Games For Android
Best Games For Android


  • Developer: Codemasters, Feral Interactive, Codemasters Racing
  • Android | iOS

The fantastic racing game was released in 2019, but GRID Autosport got crazy growth compared to other famous racing games such Asphalt series. It happened because of their no advertisement and no in-app purchases concept. 

Even with curate collections of tracks and cars with cool modes with perfect controlling gears. Hence it’s in the list of Top 10 Best Games of 2022 for Android.

The Main Features

  • 1. Vehicle History & Stats
  • 2. Street Racing & Tuner Discipline
  • 3. Cockpit Camera & RaceNet Challenge

#10 Among Us

Among Us


  • Developer: InnerSloth LLC, PlayEveryWare
  • Android | iOS

Having the Among Us game on this list is quite surprising, huh! But recently, the game got immense glory from the streamers and players enjoying the concept of survival and imposter missions in the space shuttle. It’s amusing and enjoyable while playing with others or friends.

The Main Features

  • 1. The Mystery Murder Suspect
  • 2. Dark and Light Fantasy Chase
  • 3. The Holy Discussion 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. All the Games on the List Are Free to Play?

A. Well, some are free to play, and some are premium, where you need to pay a tiny amount to unlock the full version.

2. Is the Above Games Available for PC or Mac?

A. The Shooting RPG games are available for PC and Mac, but few are not.

3. Will this Listing Change in the Future?

A. Yes, because ranks are not fixed, it’s often shuffling month to month and trend to trend.

Final Words

Every game has its category and a special story, which deserves the best place according to the report. However, we prepared the Top 10 Best Games For Android-based on trends and user reviews. A lot of superior games should be on the list.

But, because of limited places we are unable to add up. I hope to make another blog on those games. Until then, play your favorite games and share our article with gamers and friends.

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